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Moving Target team scores at ECMC polo
26.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

Safa and Janky in action pic: Selimski

Good morning from Eindhoven! I am happy to report that Moving Target nearly conquered the ECMC polo tournament, finishing 3rd behind Basel and Helsinki, beating the Copenhagen team in the 3rd place play-off finishing 2nd behind Team Basel, and in front of Track Bike Shop Copenhagen1. Thanks very much to Janky, Safa Brian and late substitute Dale for representing the world’s most useless messenger ‘zine so well. I had to bow out after the early rounds, due to a near total failure of basic motor functions.

My impressions of the tournament are slightly coloured by beer, but it seemed to me that there was very little contact in the early games, and it was only after the Moving Target team showed the messenger crowd what full-contact polo really is, that the games started to get a little more interesting.

Little Jon was so concerned by the lack of contact that he was apparently awarding spot prizes for crashes. Personally, I think that is taking it a little far, but I applaud the sentiment.

1 Helsinki DQed! See comments.

  1. and after an update of the organisers, the team in second place were DQ-ed. They had a non-registered player on their team.

    Therefore, Team Moving Target can call themselves European Vice Champion Urban Bikepolo for a whole year.

    well done lads, jolly good

    haute courier    28 July 2008, 12:12    #
  2. I think what I actually offered was “free beer for anyone who knocks Bill over”..

    — eggpie    28 July 2008, 15:05    #
  3. And I heard a rumour you thanked Safa Brian personally in a very special way..

    — eggpie    28 July 2008, 15:12    #
  4. I would have gone the whole hog, but Safa was unable to perform. Maybe guys with beards don’t really float his boat.

    — Bill    28 July 2008, 23:07    #
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