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Little Jon makes Reuters headlines
30.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

Ok, an exaggeration but:

“It’s definitely had a resurgence in recent years as more people are riding bikes in general” said John Hudson, a dispatch courier and the organizer of the annual Brick Lane bike polo tournament.

“The best thing is that there are no one set of fixed rules. We have players coming from Munich, Paris and New York who all have a different style of play. There is also a certain amount of physicality. You know, I’m not manhandling you, I’m just steering you into the wall”

The whole article is here.

Spotted by Joe Hendry over at messmedia.

  1. You see where Max and I are talking about steering people into walls? Thats actually about Bill..

    — eggpie    5 November 2008, 22:36    #
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