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"Like being taken under by a shark"
6.04.08 by Buffalo Bill

That’s how Ephraim described going under the lorry that hit him on 3rd March 2008 in Ropemaker Street.

‘I thought f***ing hell, I am in f***ing trouble here – don’t try and fight your way out of this one, so I just let my body go loose. I didn’t have any thoughts of death, although it seemed like I was under there for 10 seconds. When it stopped, I was on the junction of Moorgate.

It felt like the wheel was on my [left] leg and it hurt. It didn’t hurt as much as the time I broke my ankle skate-boarding, though. People were shouting at the driver to reverse off me. When I looked at my leg, it looked like some huge flesh wound out of Vietnam war movie, you know, Platoon or something. I thought, f***ing hell, that’s f***ed up.

There was a woman there who had been an ambulance worker, and she was talking to me. I asked her if she thought they could save my leg. She told me that she had seen far worse and they were fine. But I guess she’s hardly going to say ‘you’re f***ed, mate’!

The emergency services put a big white screen up, which is probably why some people thought I was dead [editors note: a policeman at the scene told a messenger that Ephraim was dead]. And then they cut my clothes, my bag, everything, off, so I was lying naked in the road. They were going to cut the lock off, but I managed to find the key, so at least I managed to save that.

In hospital they gave me a full body MRI scan. They didn’t find any broken bones. They couldn’t believe that I had been under a truck, and not gotten worse injuries than I had.

All the skin on the front of my thigh was gone, and the skin over my knee was partially severed, but everything else was ok.’

Ephraim has had three operations. Two on his thigh, including grafts from the other thigh to replace the skin that was destroyed, and one more on his knee. The prognosis is good, and with remedial physio, he should be able to ride a bike again within months, although it is so early in his recovery that it’s difficult to say exactly when.

I have no idea where the story that Effri ran a light and then got hit came from, but that is totally false. The story about Effri coming off the curb into the road in front of the lorry is likewise without any truth. This was what the lorry driver said at the scene. As I mentioned before, it seems that the lorry driver was totally negligent and failed to look for, or see Effri.

I should also mention that Lee, Effri’s controller at Destinations, has been ‘brilliant’, according to Effri. Destinations have told Effri that they will try and find a job for him in the office until he is able to ride again.

I guess that a lot of people will think that Effri has been incredibly lucky. I guess that he is lucky that his injuries are not much more serious. But in truth, the injuries that he suffered were very serious. We won’t know until he has back on his bike whether he is able to make full recovery. In one sense he will not ever make a full recovery, because his legs will be permanently scarred.

Given that he was hit by a negligent driver, I would say that he is desperately unlucky to have spent 24 days in hospital, through no fault of his own.

More on the London bicycle messenger emergency fund.

  1. thats scarry sh*t, Ephraim, from across the sea i wish you a fast recovery. i hope you get a big check from the driver, it wont make things right, but you should not have to pay for the careless idiot who hit you

    chis crash    7 April 2008, 05:04    #
  2. Cheers for the clarification Bill.
    I assume it was one of yon huge construction trucks from the site opposite Shittypoint? Still can’t understand how he couldn’t see E considering he always rode totally upright with those goofy handlebar extensions.

    Glad to hear E’s damage wasn’t as severe as first rumoured. And best wishes to himself for a speedy recovery. Props too to Lee at Desecrations, he is indeed a good lad who’s helped out a number of their riders.

    More money should be flowing into the Emergency fund from the couriers and rickshaw riders here in Edinburgh when the.pike has his alleycat on Friday.

    — suicidesteve    10 April 2008, 12:58    #
  3. Only the driver himself can answer that question – hopefully he’ll have to do it in court.

    — Bill    10 April 2008, 13:11    #
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