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Learn how to ride your track bike - for free
13.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

track racing at Herne Hill Velodrome

For the next 3 Mondays 16/4, 23/4 & 30/4 Herne Hill Track League, organised by Velo Club de Londres (_trans_ London Cycling Club) will be holding free ‘come and try’ track racing sessions. These will run from 6pm until dusk and will consist of training, practice races and an opportunity to meet experienced riders and the league officials. All are welcome from complete novices to experienced racers. Herne Hill Velodrome have a large number of track bikes that can be used.

For more information contact vclhernehill@hotmail.co.uk

As usual if you want to use your own bike it must be track legal. This means no quick releases, conventional drop-handle-bars, with end-caps (even a wine bottle cork will do) and I can’t remember what else. I feel I should mention that skidding is NEVER appropriate at the track.

Skin-tight lycra is not compulsory, but a hard-shell helmet is. The old-school ‘leather hair-nets’ are not track-legal (although they more stylish than a polysterene and plastic hat).

If you can’t make your fixie track legal, then there are a limited number of bikes available for hire. The hire bikes are very good quality (much better than some of the jalopies that I see some messengers using – Porno Mike).

I myself will be attending at least one of the sessions, so if you fancy riding against London’s leading fakenger, then I’ll see at the Hill.

More on Herne Hill Velodrome.

  1. Wich day will you be attending?

    Caspar    16 April 2007, 17:43    #
  2. Next monday, and prob the one after.

    — Bill    16 April 2007, 19:46    #
  3. went well last night, good turn out, lots of new faces….hope the weather holds.

    Winston    17 April 2007, 14:20    #
  4. Down there tonight! Be gentle…

    — Bill    30 April 2007, 12:44    #
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