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25.11.09 by Buffalo Bill

Sympathetic coverage coverage of the courier’s plight over here

Riding a bicycle round London for ten hours a day is grindingly difficult. A bike courier is paid £2-£3 per job (with a 10 per cent bonus for working a full week if you’re lucky), income can be fickle, and a slow week spent standing in the rain is no fun at all. Though it varies dramatically, couriers cover distances averaging around 300 miles a week. Couriers are obliged to deliver whatever a client wants delivered as quickly as the client requires; if you can’t get from pick-up to destination within 40 minutes, you don’t get paid. Covering London from (roughly) Wapping to Knightsbridge and Camden to Elephant and Castle, you see a lot of the city, a lot of weather, and a great many post-rooms.

and road.cc gives Courier Appreciation Day its own news item here

while to some, earning a living through riding your bike may seem like heaven, for bike couriers there are obvious downsides, such as dealing with irate taxi drivers and white van men, dodging careless pedestrians, and consigning packages to unsmiling security guards, not to mention the ever-present risk of serious injury or worse while going about your work.

meantime, House of Pistard chronicle the ever-growing band of people that have had the lock-ring and lightning logo tattoo-ed somewhere on their body here.

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Is this funny or not?

  1. hah your tentacles really cover the entire interwebz innit Bill. They cut the best bit though, where I said that “from the perspective of a bicycle courier, the postman’s lot is somewhat pedestrian.”

    — jontyponty    25 November 2009, 10:56    #
  2. Oh, it was you, was it? Nice piece.

    “from the perspective of a bicycle courier, the postman’s lot is somewhat pedestrian.”

    Ha! Brilliant.

    — Bill    25 November 2009, 12:31    #
  3. nice 1 Jon!

    — Darrengerer    26 November 2009, 08:57    #
  4. Cheers man, I even delivered it by hand, my last job ever!

    — jontyponty    26 November 2009, 11:52    #
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