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Latest news from Berlin - bring a brake!
27.05.09 by Buffalo Bill

This from Achim, one of the 2009 European Cycle Messenger Championship organisers:

There are a lot of rumours, the facts are like this: If you get stopped [in Berlin] with a fixed-gear without a front brake, and you are unlucky, the cops will confiscate your bike. Since April, this happened over 15 times already.

The problem is, that no-one knows how long they‘ll keep the bike, there has been no court-decision yet. It even is unclear, if the cops are allowed to confiscate the bikes, but some do it anyways.

What you can do is:
(a) When they are about to confiscate the bike, say „Ich widerspreche ausdrücklich der Sicherstellung meines Fahrrades“. So they will have to call a judge, and you won‘t need a lawyer to get your bike back. You can „Widersprechen“ later. There is one guy who already got his bike back that way, but after three weeks.).

Attach a front brake.

Media covering the ECMC will definitely be interested in the Fixed-Gear-Topic. What we tell them is: Couriers are not interested in the Style, Hipness and the „Adrenalin-Rush“ involved, but need a cheap, easy to maintain ride that enables them to make as much money as possible during the days on the streets. No courier has any interest in smashing into cars and in hitting pedestrians, as usually both events results in injuries and no money. That‘s what we‘ll try to communicate, what you tell them is of course your decision.

The second ever article on Moving Target was about brakes, and it’s something that excites a lot of debate. I don’t want to reheat the whole thing here, but I doubt that anyone thinks it’s worth getting their bike confiscated for a principle, especially at a messenger championships in a foreign country. Thanks to the Berlin guys for the heads-up.

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  1. Cannot f*cking wait for the “Brake or no brake“debate in Berlin!

    — overdrive    27 May 2009, 13:50    #
  2. talking of brakes, just a quick update from way way down under. bills brake is having quite a time here and may take a little longer in returning home…

    Taz    28 May 2009, 03:10    #
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