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Larry Z dies, wake 13th February 2010
2.02.10 by Buffalo Bill

Sad news, this from Josh:

Sorry to anyone who hadn’t heard the news yet, Larry died 4am 30th of December, just less than five years after he was hit by truck on his way home from (courier) work. He wanted everyone to have a big piss up after he died.

There has been a lot of confusion about when and where he will be buried, no one seems to know but it probably was or will be in the States. So because he had so many friends here there will be a wake here, could not decide where to have it – at the Vanburgh Tavern in Greenwich (where he worked for a few years) or the Duke of York.

So it will be both. 13th of February, Saturday. Vanburgh first early afternoon and ride over to the Duke later on. A lot of his friends from Greenwich, Southwark and Bristol will be there. It would be great if his mates from the couriers came down to Greenwich for a beer and the ride into town.

More on the forum here.

  1. Fuck that’s terrible news. My missus and I got to know Larry pretty well when we lived round the corner from the Vanburgh, lost touch really after he left there then we moved away, though I knew about the crash… sad, sad news. RIP mate.

    — Simon    4 February 2010, 22:45    #
  2. By the way, funeral was last Friday:


    No mention of cycling in the obituary, strangely.

    — Simon    5 February 2010, 10:54    #
  3. I love him so much, my heart and his Mother’s heart is broken forever. The reason that Larry
    chose his destructive future is
    not known by many. I had only wished that he had chose a different path. My wife is a Chippewa Indian, I am a Polish/German American.
    My son was buried in Onamia Minnesota on the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation, next to his and our Son, our grandchild. He went off the deep end after that. He left two of his children, Trent and Nya,
    to pursue a life of destruction. We are giving these children all of our love, they need it!

    Please know everyone, Larry was
    so intelligent, in his real mind,
    he was capable of being a leader.

    I can only say, I Love Him With All Of My Heart, in spite of his mistakes.

    Larry zeleznik

    — Larry Zeleznik    13 April 2010, 10:11    #
  4. it is incredibly difficult to write something about such an influential entity…larry and i worked together at HI-Boston together back in or around 1999…he spoke with an impeccable eloquence that eclipsed his punk rock facade…to look at him you would think he was just another jerk with a pent up aggression who was going to take it out on anything that would hear him yell….but to the contrary, he was very well spoken and could maintain an exemplary level of civility and composure in the face of antagonistic opponents…he was an integral part in my development as an adult with ideals contrary to the masses…he was the first person that i ever met that could be outwardly anti-establishment but not be verbally bullied into a tantrum…he will be a part of my life and held in high regard for the remainder of my time…you are loved larry….

    — ian bray    20 May 2010, 20:33    #
  5. Larry is my son.
    He was pride for me in many ways.
    Unfortunately he chose to destuct himself. After a year, my heart will never recover, as long as I live.
    Just imagine losing your first born son! Nobody, can understand my pain!

    — Larry Zeleznik    3 December 2010, 09:01    #
  6. larry has been gone for a couple of years now but not forgotten, i think about him and miss him every day, he was like my brother to me he was so intelligentence that it seemed limitless, i love you larry always in my heart brother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    — nicola oates    3 February 2012, 18:03    #
  7. he’s my father & he is a good man idc what any one has to say. love u daddy r.i.p. :’(

    — nya zeleznik    8 April 2012, 16:33    #
  8. Hello, is this the Larry Z I hung around with in 6th grade Sheboygan, WI?? I was just looking him up because if a story I just posted about listening to Pink Floyd in the library with him in 6th grade when we should have been working on our project.

    This is sad news for me :(

    — Bret    15 June 2012, 20:25    #
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