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BMEF fund-raiser threatened by Lance Armstrong's lawyers
3.12.05 by Buffalo Bill

Moving Target is not the only messenger web-site to have suffered the threat of legal action recently. The folks at what used to be ‘Skidstrong’, now known as Fisso have been served papers by lawyers acting for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Nice looking fixie

Fisso is a bicycle messenger brand developed to create awareness and provide funding for the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, which has paid out nearly £900 to injured London messengers. However, the LAF feels that the only organisation Strong enough to raise funds for those in need is the LAF, and served Skidstrong/Fisso with heavy duty legal paperwork to enforce their desire to keep the word Strong for the exclusive use of the LAF. What a bunch of sad f7cking losers.

The real losers are likely to be injured, uninsured bicycle messengers, not considered deserving enough to be helped by the ‘Strong’ brand. The guys at Fisso are not bearing a grudge, but I don’t like LA, and this gives me excellent soil to further nurture my dislike of him. I used to think he was pretty cool, but I am fed up of his ‘don’t mess with Texas’ bullsh1t. I never imagined that his bad attitude would ever affect me or my community directly but I guess this just shows how wrong you can be.

Why am I p1ssed off about this? Being a bicycle messenger means, that whether you know it or not, you are in one of the most hazardous occupations in the developed world. The rate of work-related injury far exceeds most others, and a study by researchers at the Harvard Medical School showed that a bicycle messenger in the US was 3 times as likely as a person in the next most hazardous occupation to suffer work-related injury. Being a bicycle messenger also means that when you are injured and can’t work, you have to fend for yourself. Things have changed a bit since, but when I broke my ankle in 89, I didn’t even get a card from the company I was working for at the time.

Some messengers are together enough to have private insurance cover against injury. But most messengers are broke 2 days before pay-day. When they get injured, it is a financial catastrophe that can lead to homelessness. That’s what makes the unconditional pay-outs from the BMEF to injured messengers so important.

The BMEF IS the safety net for bicycle messengers. Why is the LAF threatening it? Because someone read too many text-books about brand management at business school.

Cheers, Lance, nice of you to go out of your way to help out working cyclists who can’t work because of work-related injury. Oh sh1t, I have got that backwards, haven’t I? Lance’s legal boys haven’t gone out of their way to help out bicycle messengers who can’t work because they got too badly hurt in their place of work, the street. LA’s guys have done the exact opposite. Thanks again, Lance, hope retirement isn’t too boring. You w4nk3r.

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  1. That just f-cking sucks donkey d-ck, What the f-ck it has strong in it if my dickstrong are they going to sue me too lame dicks

    — Jack    5 December 2005, 18:52    #
  2. eloquently put Jack.

    metroid    6 December 2005, 10:46    #
  3. Maybe his team are trying out stepping on little people’s toes before he becomes president (in about 10 years). He should make a donation of EPO, out of his stash, to the BMEF to say sorry.

    — 27    6 December 2005, 19:42    #
  4. Lance is probably unaware of this action, but fuck him, he uses the same lawyers as Bush. London address is Ropemaker street,on the top floor. Let them burn.

    — bike courier    8 December 2005, 15:54    #
  5. Jesus, what a lame article. Are LAF actually trying stop Skidstrong/Fisso from raising funds? No! Absolutely not! But that’s what’s being insinuated throughout the article. Look up the facts!

    Is Fisso now getting more attention because of this? Yes! So stop whining like a little girl!

    — Meh    13 December 2005, 13:01    #
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