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La Ocho Lives!
5.09.10 by Robin Superkid

Well, do you? Superkid

After losing a large section of the racing area in the river, the track, La Ocho has been moved to the local football pitch. The new La Ocho, however, is flat, still a figure 8, and so it obviously has a central crossover for playing chicken (pollo?). Racing today will be one timed lap with a rolling start, it looks like tomorrow we´ll be racing 3 at a time, doing 5 laps.

The weather has been much better, it’s hardly rained for 24 hours1, the roads have been cleared and people should start arriving from Antigua. In Guatemala you’re allowed to carry a gun provided you have it on display. I ran in to a courier today who brought his own gun from the states. Have a look at moving flickr: radio, phone, 9mm. nice!

1 [Editor’s note: for more on the devastation caused by the weather see this BBC report]

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  1. Couriers with guns. Hmm.. wonder whether it could catch on over here?

    — Dazzler    6 September 2010, 19:55    #
  2. I hope not!

    — Bill    7 September 2010, 07:09    #
  3. I feel jealous after reading these reports.Sounds like a proper adventure!

    — overdrive    7 September 2010, 08:56    #
  4. we were all looking through the pics – looks great, but I will leave it for you to explain to your son what it is your are carrying!!! What happened to the shoes?

    — Tanja K    7 September 2010, 10:41    #
  5. Having spent time in Guatemala, i fear Superkid riding about on a fixie, drunk, with a loaded hand gun could be a bad idea…

    — zack speedfast    8 September 2010, 11:18    #
  6. Superkid drunk,riding fixed and toting a handgun?Enduring image.

    — overdrive    8 September 2010, 12:50    #
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