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La Ocho figure of eight track in Guatemala
31.05.10 by Buffalo Bill

One of the most exciting cycling events I have been to was the Human Powered Rollercoaster, which was held on a figure of eight track. The event was held 6 times in Canada, and was organised by Johnny of the Jet Fuel Cafe, amongst others. As part of this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships, which are being held in Panajachel, Guatemala 3 – 13 September, the organisers are planning to build a figure of eight track they are calling La Ocho.

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  1. I predict a spectacular crash as racers holding the black line meet those coming down from the banking at the point in the middle of the 8. Crashes on the top section will be more spectacular as they will have at least 10 feet to fall down to the lower track and could also take out stragglers below – will make great youtube footage

    — Trackal    7 June 2010, 20:18    #
  2. From memory, most crashes happened around the apex of the down bend. It was in the down-bend that most of the passing maneuvers played out, either successfully or unsuccessfully. Also, I guess that there will be barriers all around the outside of the track, and on both sides of the bridge.

    — Bill    8 June 2010, 08:47    #
  3. i likes alot

    b.m    15 June 2010, 15:32    #
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