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Kick off London's Calling and raise some cash for Email
24.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

Out-of-towner (organised by) alleycat (like an Audax – remember the Highway Code still applies to you!) this Thursday at the Foundry, Great Eastern Street and Old Street (see this map). Entry is £5, proceeds to help Email. Poor boy hasn’t been able to have a decent walk for days!

Big version of the flier here.

OK, so I got that well wrong. I’m not perfect, you know. Apologies for any confusion.

  1. Perhaps benefit for Emile? He had a nasty accident recently involving breaking of lems. ...although this looks nothing like Emile. No moustache nor tatoos.

    — Therese    24 July 2007, 21:42    #
  2. It is for Emile. Londoners can race.

    — Josh    24 July 2007, 22:08    #
  3. So there is an alleycat thurs and fri night? Is it a long one?

    — concerned viewer    25 July 2007, 10:03    #
  4. It’s a crank call.

    — messyangel    25 July 2007, 22:30    #
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