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Kamasutracat 14th Feb
9.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

Nice jerseys! These are apparently what you will get if you are the leader of the 2009 points series, the first race of which is taking place this Saturday. Entitled the Kamasutracat, the London Courier Emergency Fund website says ‘just what this entails, other than being a ‘no nonsense’, fast, point to point race, remains to be seen. Whatever it is, we’re mad fer it.’

Starting from Tour de Ville, Lamb Lane E8 at 1pm, the event is a fundraiser for the LCEF. The LCEF is a ‘such a simple measure to take in the face of a very real problem. How to provide support, both financial and moral, to our fellow messenger friends when they have had the misfortune to be involved in an accident on the road whilst working that keeps them from earning. The solution? Messengers and their friends come out to play and pop their hands into their pockets every now and then whilst they’re at it.’ So I hope to see you all there.

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