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Jacquie Phelan rides the Rollapaluza rollers!
4.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

Jacquie on Kieran's old frame!  We are not worthy. pic: Rollapaluza

Jacquie Phelan, whose name ought to be known to, and celebrated by, any serious student of cycling, honoured the rock’n‘rolla rig with her legs during the RP crew’s recent foray to Scotland for the Single Speed World Championships. Check those wicked garms, man. Thurston, eat yer heart out.

I am impressed! Read the full report here.

  1. www.youtube.com/watc…

    — anon    4 September 2007, 22:55    #
  2. There will be a Tweed Cycling Club outing this Sunday – meet at Headcorn, Kent a shade before noon. 25 leisurely miles in style. Rain cancels, natch. Jacquie, it’d be an honour to have you among us.


    Jack    5 September 2007, 14:47    #
  3. her blog


    Chris hill    7 October 2007, 14:00    #
  4. I just had to try the rollers, they needed another body I jumped on the bike
    and was astonished at how hard it is to SUSTAIN that rpm. the top guys, how can they do 57 mph? they must be symbolic mph/ I never do 40 mph, so there is something funny about hter measurements.
    The hat: tiny inner tube grabbed from Brixton cycles garbage can… must sent them that photo. I tacked on purple leopard lycra, and threw on that purple ‘veli ) 9formerly an onion sack)
    and voila, Jackie O Fashion

    says it all: I am at the very bottom of a distinguished list.
    ANd I ‘m beaming wtih pride that I even got on the list.

    jacquie    15 October 2007, 12:43    #
  5. Jacquie, you are very kind.

    The distance is a true 500 metres, but as there is no wind resistance or road resistance it is far easier to attain higher “speeds”.

    caspar    15 October 2007, 20:42    #
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