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Jacqui says thank you
28.03.06 by Buffalo Bill

“Dear Bill,
My name is Jacqui, I am not a messenger, just a bike geek that hangs out at the duke. Some of the people who read your site may know that in October I had an accident coming home from herne hill on my birthday. I was hit by a white van and went over my bars and landed on my face. The hospital staff took great pleasure in telling me it was the worst break they’d seen in 20 years and I got 6 titanium plates and some cool frankenstein scars for my trouble..lol

I laid in hospital for over a week and started to draft this letter (sorry it took so long to get to you).

A few strong stomaches braved Kings College and came to see me and my bandaged, draining, swollen stitched pie plate of a head, many more from the duke sent me texts offering help and support. Thank you for the texts, they were amazing.

There are some people who really stand out and to those I would express my apreciation in writing.

Thank you: First to American (gitane) Mike and NYC (1%)Jack for coming back to find me when it happened, offering me your t-shirt for the blood. I am so impressed (but not surprised) that you beat the ambulance to the hospital.

To Karlie and Bikekitchen John: you stuck by me in A&E, harassed nurses to finally give me drugs, explained my X-rays, maxiofacial, TMJ and assorted other confusing elements to me. Thank you for coming around even though it managed to piss down rain every night, for taking care of my bike, my boss and being my personal messenger. John, I am sorry I made you eat soup and mushy veggies for 2 months, I know a messenger can’t survive on that even if not having to chew saves calories! I love you for trying though..

Big thanks to (Mercian) Greg and Keith at Condor for getting me triple butted spokes so i could build wheels and not go completely crazy when stuck at home! Yes, it was the all time slowest wheel build of all time, but it wasn’t like I didn’t have time.lol

Least expected was the card Wingnut organised. I am touched by the sentiment and to all of those who signned it, I am humbled. John, you continue to amaze me. When the time comes and I finally go, your card and my Candi bike are definately coming with me!

Chris, Joe, I am sorry that I missed the party.

Thank you for all the love and support, your an amazing lot and lucky to have you all.


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