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Jack Thurston for Mayor!
15.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Sources close to the Bike Show supremo tell me that Jack is considering his options. An announcement on his candidacy for Mayor of London is, apparently, imminent. As a renowned broadcaster and journalist, a committed bicycle rider and in possession of a public school education, many in the London cycling community consider him to be the ideal real London cycling candidate, a proper alternative to Mr Livingstone.

www.jackformayor.com is still available as the time of posting. Or maybe I just made that bit up. Or even the whole thing.

The Bike Show returns to the air later this year.

  1. Will you be his campagne manager?

    — Tom    16 August 2007, 11:32    #
  2. Arf!

    — Bill    16 August 2007, 11:58    #
  3. Bill, I think thou dost protest too much. If number of appearances on Radio 4 news programmes are anything to go by, you’re well ahead of me in running for the Bicycling Mayor. Turn again, Chidley…

    Jack    20 August 2007, 00:54    #
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