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Is this funny or not?
4.11.09 by Buffalo Bill

Or just mildy amusing?

A new type of pedestrian crossing system has been unveiled at Oxford Circus in London today. It works by stopping all road traffic from time-to-time so that pedestrians can all traverse the crossroad junction together, either over one road, or diagonally across both.

However, one group of road users are not impressed. Cyclists have complained that when the traffic lights all go red, pedestrians immediately clog the junction, causing a dangerous road hazard.

Abel DeRailleur is a spokesperson for the London Cycle Couriers Association, and he claims it is only a matter of time before a cyclist is injured or even killed at the new junction. “One cyclist has already hit an American tourist on the junction and buckled his front wheel,” he claims, “The junction is just not cycle-friendly.”

From the The Spoof (there’s more here).

And there’s a nice bit of cargo bike porn over at Bikeportland.org, featuring Bilenky Cycle Works Chuckwagon, which is an upmarket version of the long bikes such as Kona’s Ute, or Surly’s Big Dummy. Not quite a proper cargo bike, but easily big and strong enough to carry a handyman’s tools around. Just like my mate Will does. Check out his bike, and his ‘carbon neutral handyman services’ at Green Work-force.

And while I am linking random stuff for lack of any real content to post, why not check out House of Pistard’s links to various pics of the Frankencat? Why not, indeed.

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  1. zack speedfast eat yer heart out….not!

    — overdrive    4 November 2009, 08:57    #
  2. You find these types of intersections in different cities all around the world. I don’t understand what you mean by saying the intersection gets clogged when the lights go red. As a cyclist you should either patiently wait at the red light, or walk your bike through the intersection displaying due caution. What kind of loon would blast straight through the middle swearing at american tourists as they make an s-line towards their destination?

    — zack speedfast    4 November 2009, 10:34    #
  3. we have a couple of these in Bristol on stokes croft and further up the A38, though without the fancy markings to say its safe to go straight across -so people tend not to take the risk.

    On a bike, if you go through slowly, its safer than the normal traffic lane -and on the gloucester road junction there is actually a green bicycle crossing light on one of the roads, which may give you permission coming from the adjacent bike lane to cycle off in any direction

    Bristol Traffic    4 November 2009, 11:12    #
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