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Is British Cycling doing enough about road danger?
3.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

This is what the ever-thoughtful Keith Bingham asks in Cycling Weekly following the publication of an interview with Olympic gold medallist Vicky Pendleton, in which she complained that there will be one occasion per hour where somebody takes a stupid risk and basically puts me in danger when she is out training around Manchester. Here is an excerpt from the article, the whole of which is well worth reading.

While BC remain reluctant to openly speak about the dangers facing their members, they happily advertise the virtues of taking silver or gold membership because of the insurance benefits. They are rightly proud of the legal expertise available to them in helping to recover damages for injuries sustained in road crashes caused by drivers.

But they don’t want to go public on road safety concerns, for fear losing members, of putting people off cycling. You can see their point.

However, surely they aware that the vast majority of the public already consider cycling on the roads too dangerous. That’s why they don’t do it. By taking a public lead might not British Cycling grow their membership even more than the impressive increases this year?

Amen to that.

  1. And now I love her even more

    — Gertie    3 September 2008, 18:16    #
  2. ..so a new safety campaign should be something along the lines of – ‘let’s keep Vicky safe!’

    — zero    3 September 2008, 22:20    #
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