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In Your Face, Anna-Lisa Brambilla's show at the Foundry next week
10.04.10 by Buffalo Bill

Of the many ‘outsiders’ who have taken pictures of London’s bicycle messengers, Anna-Lisa’s are amongst the best. She also took the time get to know the London messenger scene, and was kind enough to extend an invitation to all of London’s courier to her show, Don’t Shoot the Messenger. I know this is simply common courtesy, you use someone’s image to further your own career, therefore it’s only fair to share it with them, but all too often people don’t.

Therefore it is my pleasure to record that Anna-Lisa has another show at the Foundry next week.

  1. Can’t get security staff these days, can they? Three scummy couriers sitting on private property. There ought to be a law against it. Will be if Cameron wins the election.
    And isn’t one of those riders out of uniform? Woe betide him if Marc Patten looks at this site when he next has very little to do.
    Very shrewd of the trio to keep their heads down as John Inman walked by though.

    — Andy Dwyer    10 April 2010, 10:33    #
  2. The company that owns the building allow the couriers to sit there as they scoff up all the crumbs of discarded food the office workers leave on the pavement.Like pidgeons do.

    — overdrive    12 April 2010, 17:37    #
  3. I thought they were exotic plants.

    — michael toivonen    12 April 2010, 23:39    #
  4. update this effing site ffs

    — lee    10 May 2010, 13:37    #
  5. Yeah,MT has been neglected sadly.
    Why don’t we devote the site to f*cking polo?

    — overdrive    12 May 2010, 08:43    #
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