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In Praise of Bicycle Messengers
12.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

As some of you know, and some others might have guessed, in my post-messenger life I am a controller at a London courier company. Which one is not important, but it’s not the biggest but not the smallest either.

Last week proper snow fell on London. Unsuprisingly, only 10% of our motorbike fleet showed for work. I am not sure that I would even try to come out to work, especially if I lived right out in the sticks, as most of our motor-bike riders do, if there was 5 cms of snow on the ground. For most of our motor-bike, it wasn’t even an option.

However, most of our pedal-bike riders live in town, and they all came to work, despite the snow and the cold, and weren’t put off by the snow that fell thickly all morning. And I was glad they did. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been able to do any work at all. As it was, most of them made £100+. They were running from the Isle of Dogs in the east to Chiswick in the west (sorry, Kieran!) and from Clapham in the south to Kentish Town in the north.

Big runs, multiple dockets, motor-bike distances. Thank god for pedal-bike riders and their unquenchable work ethic. My earnest respect and admiration is due.

  1. Why does it it takes foul weather for Courier Companiers in London to realise the potential of their cycle fleet?

    — Caspar    13 February 2007, 12:22    #
  2. its companies not companiers and when will you realise you have no potential

    — A D Lib    14 February 2007, 17:34    #
  3. A D Lib(eral amounts of intelligence to reach those heady heights of common sense and ability to make worthwhile comments) and you will see that with the time you spent making that pedantic and boring point you could have been romancing that special man/woman on what is of course a special day for said love and romance.
    Don’t waste valuable time and energy with writing inane and monosylabic retorts to worthwhile and considered comment.

    — 01    15 February 2007, 08:33    #
  4. Fuck going out in the snow, it would play havoc with my image.

    — Not Dead Yet    19 February 2007, 18:08    #
  5. I am looking for a position of a bicycle courier carrier round London. I will be very grateful to hear from you. Thanks for your attention

    — Emmanuel Maada-Lansana    3 March 2007, 12:35    #
  6. i am looking for a position of a bicycle courier carrier around london,west would be great as thats where i live,i would be ever so greatful if you know of anything,hope to hear from you soon.thanks.
    tony deane

    tony deane    8 June 2007, 12:49    #
  7. See our topic on the forum, or try the yellow pages. Best of luck.

    — Bill    8 June 2007, 16:32    #
  8. you can carry me if you like. i’m fucked

    — flappy feet    8 June 2007, 18:04    #
  9. Jesus fucking christ!

    — Caspar    9 June 2007, 01:40    #
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