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Ignore Bill & have a great time
30.08.10 by Buffalo Bill

Several years ago, a guy called Nadir spoke to me about hosting the CMWC in Guatemala. Having had a lot contact with an organisation called Peace Brigades International, a human rights witness organisation that had a long-running project in the country, and being aware of the long-running civil war and continuing human rights abuses in the country, my reaction was overwhelmingly negative. The last thing Guatemala needed was yet more gringoes looking for a party, even if they were riding bikes, I thought.

For a number of reasons, of which, I am sure my reaction was the least important, Nadir decided not to go ahead with his plan, and instead focused on organising the Gran Premio de Guatemala, which is a now well-established, and hotly contested race which takes place in Panajachel. The event took place this past weekend, and the results are here. As you can see, Nadir has succeeded in his dream of bringing the CMWC to Guatemala, and it will be taking place in the coming weeks in Panajachel.

See what can happen when you fail to heed my advice? It looks to be one of the most exciting, enthralling & inspiring cycling events ever. I wish I was going.

Fortunately for Moving Target readers, 2 people from London are going: Robin Superkid, who still works a day a week, and Sarah Buck, an exenger who worked in TO & London, latterly for Creative & Metro. They will be blogging from there, and making the rest of sick with jealousy. I am delighted to welcome them to Moving Target.

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