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IFBMA president's thoughts on CMWC - compulsory kilts?
12.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

a dangerous scottish lunatic who must be stopped at all costs
The International Federation of Bicycle Messengers and Associations has a new president. His name is Andy Duncan, and he is scottish. Confusingly, he obviously got very lost on the way home from the pub one night and now works as a messenger in Utrecht.

One of the tasks that he has set himself is the messenger equivalent of the cleaning of the Augean Stables. That is, he wants to update the IFBMA’s Cycle Messenger World Championships organiser’s guide-book.

As with all things related to the IFBMA, this updating process is going to be as democratic as is possible. He wants as much input as possible from as many people as possible. His thoughts are here. Apparently, he is thinking of making kilts compulsory for all participants at all times in messenger championships. Stop this dangerous lunatic and save the CMWC from his evil, perverted plans.

MT says: skirts are for girls! Real men wear lycra!

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