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IFBMA calls for messenger guide books in every city!
7.12.05 by Buffalo Bill

The Council of the International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations (IFBMA), which is the group charged with putting into action decisions taken by IFBMA Open Forums, which take place at the annual Cycle Messenger World Championships, has called for every Bicycle Messenger Association around the world to start collecting and collating information to be published as a guide-book for messengers in their city. This call was mandated by a decision of the most recent Open Forum at CMWC NYC. It’s not clear whether any funding for local BMA guide books will be made available by the IFBMA Council from IFBMA funds.

The London Bicycle Messenger Association website already has a ‘General advice and information for couriering in London’ page, but the New York Bicycle Messenger Association, as in most things related to messenger organisation, has raced ahead, and published what seems to be a comprehensive guide for existing and wanna-be messengers ‘Know Your Rights Manual for New York Bike Messengers’, unfortunately with a blue cover. Why do I say the choice of colour is unfortunate? Well, the Knowledge, which is the test of London’s topography that all London Taxi cab drivers have to pass before they get their license to u-turn, is also blue, and PCO-approved routes (which have to memorised street-by-street) are known as ‘Blue Book Runs’. But never mind.

In a related development, it appears that the principle tool of communication of the international messenger community these past 10 years, the electronic mailing list ‘messengers’ is being superseded by the IFBMA’s discussion board. This is a sad day for all those of us that recall fondly the many flame wars, the email accounts suspended because of full in-boxes, countless clueless messages from lazy students asking for help and drunken ‘sweetheart’ emails intended for his girl-friend accidentally sent to the list by Anchorage’s only bicycle messenger. Yes, Kirk, we will miss your Friday Night Specials.

London messengers can still use the Muppet League forum, and LBMA members are reminded that there is a special password protected section of the forum for LBMA members. To get in, register as a user, and then post on the forum asking for LBMA status.

LBMA AGM Minutes available as PDF
London messenger calendar!

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