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How people end up here
17.08.06 by Buffalo Bill

Ok, I am not ashamed to admit that I am an obsessive. I am working on trying to to obsess in a positive way, but I know that being obsessional is, well, borderline unhealthy. There are two things that I am obsessing about at the moment, more or less unhealthily: the woman I love, and my google stats. My webmaster provide me with access to comprehensive stats on who is surfing this site.

I look in at the stats a lot. Too much. I can see how many hits I get, where in the world the hits are coming from, which pages are viewed most often, and for how long, and which pages have the highest exit rates and so on and so on.

Aunty Nasty

The stat that most interests me, fascinates me, is the stat that tells me what key-word entered into google brought visitors to the site. ‘Moving Target’, ‘Moving Target bicycle messenger’, ‘fixed gear’ are the most common.

But I have only begun to realise just how wierd some people are. OK, googling yourself is pretty common, ‘James Greenbury’ ‘i+am+tofu+london+messenger’, ‘matt seaton’, even ‘receptionist+jobs+fitzrovia’ but ‘sex with aunty’, ‘aunty uncle sex’, ‘nasty girl’, ‘nude mens’, ‘bt porno’, ‘aunty pee’, ‘aunty’s big arse’, ‘bring puss to surface quickly’? Needless to say that Aunty Nasty’s advice column is to blame for bringing these sad surfers here. Poor souls.

But there is one search term that I am at a loss to explain: ‘jimmy saville necrophilia’…

I blame Overdrive.

  1. Also vaguely interesting (if you are a f*cking geek like m… Bill) is the LBMA stats, which are public.


    The naked messenger calendar is still quite popular over there. Goddam courierphiles.

    level    17 August 2006, 19:07    #
  2. owsabouthatthen?

    — overdrive    18 August 2006, 09:44    #
  3. That is most definitely a new band name.

    — Jack Cranks    23 August 2006, 17:05    #
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