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House of Pistard sticker competition - Moving Target version
8.09.10 by Buffalo Bill


Those clever people at House of Pistard have come up with a fiendishly difficult competition to win a pack of their new stickers. It’s really quite difficult, so we at Moving Target have come up with a much easier version, so that the less culturally enriched amongst you stand a chance. To win all 4 of the stickers shown above, email movingtargetcomp@me.com, with the correct answer to the question that follows.

CMWC 2010 is being held in Panajachel, Guatemala. This is only the 3rd time that CMWC has been held outside of North America or Europe. Which of the following 3 cities has NOT hosted a CMWC?

A. Tokyo
B. Sydney
C. Glasgow

Oh, and I should have said there is one set, and one set only, the lucky winner will be notified by email on Sunday 12th.

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