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House of Pistard 'Goddamn Canuck Fund' hits £750
9.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

Ryan was riding down D’Arblay Street and was deliberately bumped off his bike by a Mercedes driver who had lost patience, and wanted Ryan off the road now. If you don’t know D’Arblay Street, it is a typically narrow Soho street. If there are parked motor vehicles down one side of the street (which there always are day-time), then it is impossible to over-take a cyclist in a car.

I don’t know about you, but if a motorist deliberately rams a cyclist (or a motor-cyclist, or a pedestrian, for that matter) then to me that is assault. As far as I can see, there is no specific offence of assault with a deadly weapon, but if there was, then I think it would fall under that definition. And I think any cyclist would react angrily, and possibly violently. Which is exactly what Ryan did. He threw his bike at the car. The impact shattered the windscreen. The motorist got out of his car and a brawl ensued. By the time the police arrived, the fight was over, having been stopped by bystanders, and they found a damaged car and a motorist bleeding from the head.

I don’t condone violence, and I don’t endorse anyone getting hit around the head with a D-lock, but I would suggest that not only were Ryan’s actions provoked by an act of violence, but that the outcome was broadly speaking a just one. Naturally, the police didn’t see it like that. So Ryan has been found guilty of criminal damage, and the driver has been charged with nothing.

The cost of the damage is £2000. Ryan, a Canadian citizen, will be deported if he fails to pay the full amount before Feb 2008. Oh, did I mention that Ryan is also being forced to pay for repairs to the bumper? Yes, that’s right, the driver hit Ryan’s bike, dented his bumper, and now Ryan has to pay for that, too.

Ryan tells me that he is going to contest the charge for the bumper, but on the other stuff, he will have to pay. None of us can change the legal outcome, but we can help to pay for the damage so that Ryan does not get deported. Which is why House of Pistard has made a special shirt, and the Italian Job alleycat was likewise a benefit for the Crazy Canuck. So far, House of Pistard have £750 in the bag. Let’s make it an even £1000, shall we?

  1. man, that’s such bullshit. grr!

    i’ve been trying to buy one of those tees, but them there pistardians are slacking on my paypal invoice.

    symbolically, i’m thrusting my cash toward ryan, at least! ;)

    — lurkette    9 December 2007, 14:07    #
  2. Mercedes benz are commonly owned by men with very small penises..

    Of course, I’ve never driven one.

    I hope the fucker gets what’s coming to him.

    — Swiss Tony    10 December 2007, 16:24    #
  3. Pay for the bumper? Thats poor… Does the driver have to pay for damage to the bike and any whiplash that Ryan may have suffered in the collision? And loss of earnings for his bike being damaged?


    I have Got the tshirt, looks great and the money goes to a very good cause.


    — david miller    11 December 2007, 13:26    #
  4. Two of these babies arrived the other day with (lbsguycringe) stickers!! Thanks H.O.P.
    Good luck Ryan.

    hippy    14 December 2007, 20:20    #
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