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HOP Rocks!
15.05.08 by westcoastmessenger

Obergruppenpistard: SHHH! Keep the noise down.
Westcoastmess: Okay, okay I wasn’t looking where I was going, but what sort of weirdo keeps a stuffed Bison in their porch anyway?
OP: Right, your sure Bill’s away this week?
WC: Yeah, I checked the rota at Creative, he’s off to Spain for a Swingers convention or something.
OP: Good, good let’s try and find the MT control room. I’ll try in this door you check in that room over there.
[ sound of furniture being moved around and some muffled giggling ]
OP: Well? Did you find it?
WC: No. That’s the drawing room, you should go in and have a look, he’s got a life sized oil painting of himself wearing those red specs and full Creative lycra from the Eighties, there’s also a badly photoshopped picture of him kissing Eddie Merckx’s ring. What’s in that room?
OP: You don’t want to know but I think I know what happened to all those Creative riders who got “sacked” for not having a brake.
WC: Oh dear, well let’s just hurry up and find Bill’s computer, look there’s a glow coming from under that door at the end of the hallway.
OP: Bingo! The Moving Target nerve-centre!
WC: Well if you call a ZX81 and a tape deck a “nerve-centre” then I suppose that’s where we must be. Jeez, why did we even bother breaking in here? We’ve got much better stuff back at H.O.P.
OP: What’s he got in the tape player?
OP: …
WC: Can we just put this poster up and leave, I’m starting to get the creeps?
OP: I’m right with you on that one!

OP: Okay! Let’s get out of here.
WC: Do you think it’s okay to leave that on there? What if Bill comes back and sees it, we’ll never hear the end of it and he’s annoying enough as it is .
OP: We’ll come back and remove it before Bill gets back. Just make sure you don’t let that door shu…

  1. …good – you din’t find the MT nerve centre, nerve centre (a special key combo on the ZX-81 that reveals a trap-door to a BBC micro with dual floppy drives…).

    _targetbot    15 May 2008, 22:13    #
  2. The Bash Street Kids are back!

    — Oor Willie    16 May 2008, 15:14    #
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