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Help Krzystof: buy cookies and brownies
3.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

Krzys has been a little unlucky recently. Not content with the one surgery last year, for a broken finger sustained in a fall whilst at work, he is currently awaiting an op on a collar-bone he broke in a 65 km/h dive into a verge on the North Downs. Not to mention another op earlier this year to fix his badly broken nose (sustained years ago).

Krzys is a tough guy, a survivor of a brutal 1000 km, 5 day ride from London to Basel with yours truly, and isn’t one for self-pity. But life has been particularly unfair to him in the last couple of months.

Fortunately his guardian angels at the Team Totally Awesome Baking Division have taken matters in hand:

Team Awesome’s baking division is holding a bake sale on Tuesday the 17th to help Krzys stay afloat till his collar bone heals. You can pre-purchase a dozen mixed vegan cookies and brownies for a fiver by emailing TTA Baking Division with your name, office address, and how many dozens you and your co-workers want (also if you need it to be a nut free mix).

On the day a real working courier will deliver a dozen baked delight to you! If you don’t want them delivered we’ll be at the foundry with the extras after work.

I know lots of Moving Target readers have been simply dieing to samply Ms. Nhatt Attack’s baked goods for some time now, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Errr. That came out wrong.

Upside down reporting of the assault on Leah H.

  1. A special thanks to velorution that has loaned us the use of the christianna for the delivery on the tuesday. Start ordering! The fixed gear kids have you beat!

    — Attack led bakers    3 March 2009, 22:20    #
  2. Cant wait to taste Nhatts muffin.
    ooh er…….

    — overdrive    4 March 2009, 09:37    #
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