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hellCat of the North 11th November, Lille
26.08.10 by Buffalo Bill

Most people reading this will know that the Hell of the North means the Paris – Roubaix professional road race, which is also known by the French as ‘la Pascale’, as it used to be held on or near Easter. Therefore most readers will know that the defining features of the race are the cobbled roads, some of which are little better than stony farm tracks, which are collectively known as ‘le pavé’. Some readers may even have ridden the pavé. However, if you have not, here is a fantastic opportunity to do so under race conditions.

The organisers say:

the Hellcat is a sort of bicycle party during 4 days (Nov 11st is a free day in France, the end of WW1). The main race is an alleycat on Paris Roubaix’s cobbles, but there is also a tricks contest, a relay race in the streets & maybe a goldsprint contest, movie projections, etc …

More details on the hellcat website.

  1. You can watch the whole of ‘A Sunday in Hell’ here:


    God bless Youtube.

    — jontyponty    26 August 2010, 14:32    #
  2. Youtube? Fuck that. I got it on a torrent, burnt it do disc and played it on a divx compatible dvd player on a large screen TV.

    God Bless girlfriends with wealthy parents.

    — lee    26 August 2010, 14:42    #
  3. I have seen it performed through the medium of contemporary dance.

    God bless the arts.

    — overdrive    26 August 2010, 17:50    #
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