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Haute Courier
14.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

I first met Vincent Velocity at a petrol station in Amsterdam. Our paths crossed at the coffee machine. We were taking on some fuel for the 1997 European Cycle Messenger Championships. He was hanging out with Dirk Dykhuis, his comrade from Velocity Couriers, Arnhem. We had a right laugh that morning.

Most times I ran into Vincent I had a right laugh. He was the MC at the 2005 ECMC in Basel, regaling the crowd with his impression of Alex Zulle, the swiss racing cyclist who challenged for top honours in the Grand Tours of the 90s (or would have done, had he been able to go round a corner in the wet without falling off). He wrote this report about a London Alleycat. He is a very funny man and a loyal friend.

He has a blog. I am sure it’s very funny but it’s in Dutch. Speak f***ing english, or at least some language that more than a handful of low-land-living under-handed velocipedes understand.

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