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Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championships
19.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

This brief report from the guys at Hardcourt Bike Polo.

Winners: “Doug and the Darlrymples aka Banned in DC” (Paul, Zach, Doug) NYC
2nd Place: “Balls Deep” (Rory, Chris, Pieter) East Van
3rd Place: This game was not played. Tie(?) between “Sweet Thunder” (Kev, Jonny, Ben) Madison, and “Milwaukee Mugshotz” (Joe, Crandall, Jake) Milwaukee

They have heaps of pix on their Bike Polo People at CMWC XVI Flickr set.

Doug has some more excellent pics and a travelogue here and more from Doug at Hard Court Bike Polo.

Longer report and pics from Joe Hendry at Messmedia.

  1. Hey Bill, I don’t think we met at CMWC but thanks for the polo results repost. HBP is just me btw.

    Doug D    21 June 2008, 18:53    #
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