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25.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

  1. Some pictures of the ducking for apples checkpoint, Myddleton Sq.


    — ali forbes    2 November 2008, 07:58    #
  2. More pics here and here

    — Bill    3 November 2008, 06:33    #
  3. massive thanks to the lovely Julia for raising £167 for the LCEF.Great work!

    — overdrive    4 November 2008, 14:59    #
  4. some photos used for the flier and swiped without permission here www.flickr.com/photo…

    Doug D    6 November 2008, 01:50    #
  5. Email me your postal, and I’ll arrange for an LCEF shirt to be sent.

    — Bill    6 November 2008, 12:30    #
  6. Wow Bill, talk about not letting things lie.
    I read your comments in the London forum. A couple things.
    One I’ll make a wager with you. No London in the top 10 at Berlin.
    Second. No I didn’t want another t-shirt. And not in place of someone, Braley even, using my photos for something with out asking first. Google, Flickr, my site, None of that matters, the photo is mine. Ask me first! that’s the only point i was trying to make way back then. It’s my point now.
    Also as for trash talk. Get used to it.


    PS. Jason from B-more did give me a Moving target t-shirt he said was from you. I appreciate the gesture. Now quit calling me a cock every chance you get, at least until after you meet me.

    — Doug D    20 April 2010, 19:59    #
  7. Doug,

    sorry, I don’t let things lie, and neither, it seems, do you.

    1. This is not the place for polo bets or trash talk (is this yet another ‘cultural phenomenon’ invented by New Yorkers? Please don’t enlighten us).

    2. if you don’t want your photos on the internet, don’t put them on the internet. Period. I (who had nothing to do with the event or the flier, apart from supporting it by blogging it here) apologised for any upset or offence caused, as soon as I could – which was 5 days after the event. I sent you an email in attempt to smooth things over to which, as I recall, you were less than gracious in return.

    PS. Now you say you appreciate a gesture I made? And I’m hearing about now, a year after I passed that shirt to Jason? Well, either Jason is a cock or you are.

    See you in Berlin.

    — Bill    20 April 2010, 21:04    #
  8. Fiiight!!!

    — overdrive    22 April 2010, 10:31    #
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