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Gymboys and Media Node teams for Rapha Roller Race announced
7.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

The Rapha Roller Race, a culture clash pitting teams of Cycling journalists against messengers/fakengers against Gym-boys against PR bods, is taking place this Saturday 10th February, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street EC1.

The Journo and Courier teams have been announced in previous posts. Here are the line-ups of the remaining two teams.

Gym Boys team (male)
Osman Jama
Michael Dearden
Fouad Kanaan

Media Nodes team (male)
Johnny Parker
Llyr Wynn Jones
Martin Casson
Nick Livesey

Tracy Cahoon at Fireflies Roller Race

Media Nodes (female)
Tracey Cahoon
Kat Spencer
Emma Cairns
Harriet Stephenson

Mareka Carter

I don’t know too much about the male teams listed above, but the female Media Nodes have already been initiated into the arts of roller-racing at the Fireflies Roller Race last May. Looking at the results, Tracy was close third to Therese in qualifying, so a good contest can be expected.

I wish the teams best of luck and I hope that they won’t squeal like piglets when their sorry arses get whipped by the Couriers, sorry I mean may the best team win.

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