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Guardian story on lorry deaths makes serious error
23.05.10 by Buffalo Bill

The Guardian has today published an article which says that

the national cyclists’ organisation CTC said that 10 of the 13 people who died in cycling accidents in the capital last year were women and eight were killed by heavy goods vehicles. Yet there are around three times more male cyclists in London than women.

This is something that I blogged about last year. I said that

the gender correlation is, well, remarkable. Is it causal? Is there something about the behaviour of female cyclists that makes them currently susceptible to being run over by lorries than males?

However, the Guardian has a serious error in its report, which is that it suggests that a report on lorry deaths

was blunt in its conclusions: “Women may be over-represented in (collisions with goods vehicles) because they are less likely than men to disobey red lights.”

That was not one of the conclusions of the report, and the sentence quoted was a theory, which had no support from the numbers, as there were none. More on this ‘story’ in this Moving Target article from 3 years ago.

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