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Good Friday Track Meet
7.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

The Points Race

The weather was absolutely fabulous, as you can see. I managed to miss most of the racing (too busy socialising) but caught all of the motor-pace. What an absurd, yet compelling spectacle it is.

Jos Da Boss

Jos didn’t win a thing, but didn’t get dropped or injured which is a victory of sorts, especially when you are racing with Olympic champions and former Yellow Jersey winners. There was a whole heap of messengers, as usual, and I noticed Josh Da Bosh and Wee Scot helping out with stewarding. Robin (Superkid) had even washed his hair! Amazing. Also present was Seb (Nanu), taking a break from the toil that is marine salvage.

I also spotted Ross and Keith, both riding their new creations, badged as ‘Arkay Velo’, of which I hope to be able to bring you more news later. I took some pictures of Keith’s steed, but unfortunately, I was so cack-handed (or drunk) that I only managed to get the bike behind in focus, not Keith’s. Oh well.

The next big messenger rendezvous at Herne Hill Velodrome should be the London’s Calling Track Day, which is Sunday 29th July, according to the schedule.

My Flickr set is here

Matt Worrall has got some more shots on his Flickr.

British Cycling’s official report is here

If that isn’t enough for you, the fixie-geeks at London FG/SS have loads more here.

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