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Going to Dublin!
1.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

Marco and Sarah-Jane won Selim’s tickets, and are booked on the train to Dublin, which is the venue for the 2007 Cycle Messenger World Championships. CMWC 2007 is 3rd – 7th August. The weekend before is London’s Calling, the official CMWC Pre-event. I am getting very excited about both events, and hope to meet with old and new friends in either London or Dub.

Note that S-J is getting the winning habit! What a nice habit to get. Check the House of Pistard hoodies that they got as well. Nice work, Xander. Can I have one too? I’ll pay and everything.

Selim’s report is here.

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  1. The winning habit?!! no other girls take part!!! kinda makes it a bit easy…
    thanx selim

    — saraggina    1 July 2007, 17:01    #
  2. Nhatt’s a girl, isn’t she?

    — Bill    1 July 2007, 17:10    #
  3. Marco definitely is…........

    — Caspar    1 July 2007, 18:24    #
  4. You are more than welcome,Sara.Thanx for racing.
    BRIXTON PISTA hoodies are one off-there are only three of them made.There will be more t-shirts for sale soon,with slightly different design.
    I got one shirt left at the moment,so Bill,if you will feed me next week you may get a freebie.
    And THE HOUSE OF PISTARD is Xander’s printing manufacture.Btw,thanx for sponsoring,Xander.

    — selimski    1 July 2007, 18:42    #
  5. Like a zoo animal!

    — Bill    1 July 2007, 18:52    #
  6. Is that what you think of us?Forget about the top then.

    — selimski    1 July 2007, 21:11    #
  7. You don’t want to be fed like a zoo animal? Sorry, I don’t know any other similes. Feed you like a…

    — Bill    1 July 2007, 21:29    #
  8. what is that then?censorship????

    — guess who    1 July 2007, 21:45    #
  9. Like a trafalgar square pigeon!you defintely are not getting that tshirt.

    — selimski    1 July 2007, 21:50    #
  10. Nhatt is a girl, I meant HARDLY any girls take part…and Selim wants to be spoon-fed in exchange for a tshirt?!?

    — saraggina    1 July 2007, 23:57    #
  11. Bloody hell, sensitive or what?

    Feed you like the quick, clever, good-looking, suave messenger you are?

    — Bill    2 July 2007, 05:52    #
  12. He is one of us now the dark side is everywhere

    — Zak Speedfast    2 July 2007, 09:16    #
  13. Bastard had no intention of ever giving up that hoodie. Just seen him ensconced in it in the office. He fobbed me off with a t-shirt instead.

    The words: up, slap and stitch come to mind

    — Bill    2 July 2007, 11:26    #
  14. Trade my extensive collection of antique plastic cups, guaranteed 100% authentic messenger trash?

    — Bill    2 July 2007, 12:40    #
  15. Don’t be shy,Bill-banana pills,empty white cider cans and a donut with cigarette butt stuck in it-the full works.
    Up,slap and stitch is the daily routine,I had no illusions you would change…

    — selimski    2 July 2007, 20:28    #
  16. Actually, I have some real dried messenger blood, smeared all over a manifest, and my Pac bag still smells of messenger vomit. (Big shout to Jedi!!!!!!)


    — Bill    3 July 2007, 13:12    #
  17. smeared over XDA?

    — Josh    3 July 2007, 17:03    #
  18. It must be old-skool messenger blood. Definitely a day-sheet.

    — Bill    3 July 2007, 17:37    #
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