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Glorious Revolutionary Mayday Alleycat Report
9.05.06 by Buffalo Bill

Report by Jack Drury

‘The Glorious Revolutionary Mayday “event” of the Victorious Proletariat hosted by the 1% Bicycle and Drinking Club of London on May 1st was a huge success raising £100 for BMEF and £60 for LBMA. We had 14 participants and over 10 organizers. Despite the forcasts, the weather turned out to be beautiful and everybody had a damned good time. Big ups to Brixton Cycles, Edwardes Cycles, Condor, Mosquito, Witcomb, Kiwi Cycles, and Bikefix for their generous support.

First Alleycat win! Nice one Scott!

Important results are as follows:

  • 1st: Scott from Creative for his first alleycat 1st place! Props holmes.
  • Tied for 2nd: Razzle Dazzle a.k.a: Marco. May Chicago haunt your dreams forever and Big Joss.
  • 3rd: Tim
  • DFL: Isti with a staggering loss finishing almost 20 minutes after the guy before him.
  • DNF: Greg, Chun, and Steve. If any of you wound up in jail call me up and we’ll start a bail fund.
  • And the 1st ever Lima memorial friendmaking cup went to (of course): Lima, for his amazing ability to attract all sorts of new friends with his charming and shiny demeanor.

Everybody else made a killer showing through the protests, police, and demeaning physical tasks we threw at them so props to everyone who showed up. Wingnut on the other hand stayed in bed. Dork.

Photos of the ride can be found here
or search jjdrury on the photobucket site.

If you or anyone you know happens to have more photos of the event please send them to me so I can add them up.



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