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Get your bike cleaned
11.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

If you have ridden through the last couple of weeks, I bet your bike is filthy. And a filthy bike is no fun. But cleaning a filthy bike is no fun either. So why not get someone else to do it for you?

This Saturday at Tour de Ville, as well as the the Kamasutracat, there is a bike wash for charity. The suggested donation is £3 – £5. More about the fund-raiser, James, here.

  1. im sure it’s a good cause, and god knows my bike needs cleaning, but what exactly does “the property industry’s charity, Landaid” do?

    — jont    11 February 2009, 20:48    #
  2. ahh i see www.landaid.org/

    — jont    11 February 2009, 21:02    #
  3. I’ll be there, have only cleaned my bike once this year, so I’d love to watch someone do it for me :)

    — Maurycy    12 February 2009, 10:54    #
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