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Free tickets for the Bicycle Film Festival
1.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

The Bicycle Film Festival is a fine thing, and well worth going to. If you want to go, and are too much of skin-flint (Winston?) to stump up the £20-odd quid to get into all of the screenings, then read on!

The BFF needs volunteers to hand out fliers to cyclists in rush hour this weekend and next week. You will be repaid handsomely in free tickets to all the screenings, parties and, err, other stuff.

Get in touch with Roxy asap.

More details on this year’s BFF, which is happening on 17th – 21st October, soon.

  1. hey Roxy would it be posible to get an itinerary of whats happening where and when? for the festival?

    mannay thanks ..

    — nicholas minaar    2 October 2007, 13:13    #
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