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Free Moving Target t-shirts if they win...
17.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Tonight in the boxing ring at the Classic Car Club, 240 Old Street, 4 teams will compete in the male team event at the Rapha Roller Race. The racing starts at 7pm, with a Have-A-Go roller race, as well as the Culture Clash team race. Entry is £10, or £5 if you can prove that you are a working bicycle messenger.

Last time the male messenger team finished last. In an attempt to inspire them, I am offering each riding member a Moving Target t-shirt if they win.

The male messenger team is: Dazzler, Charlie, Seb, James with Safa Brian as the reserve.

I am much more confident of the success of the female messenger team. Last time they beat the Fire Flies to rescue the honour of the London messengers. This time Tanya, Julia, Sarah and Niki should do the business again.

Whatever the result, a fantastic night of rock’n‘roller racing is in the offing. See you there!

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