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Free entry to Smithfield Nocturne Courier Race this Friday
14.06.07 by Buffalo Bill

A courier race is scheduled as part of the Smithfield Nocturne, taking place on Saturday 23rd June, which also features an elite road race (featuring Matt Goss of CSC and Matt Wilson of Unibet), a Brompton race and other delights. This will give London’s bicycle messengers the opportunity to ride the same course as the other kind of pro bike riders and generally show off to the crowd. The courier race is in a team format similar to that of 2003 European Cycle Messenger Championships, and is being organised by the same brain responsible for that event, ex-enger Nelly.

I am told by the event promoters, Face Partnership, that there are some fantastic prizes on offer, and that entry for independent teams is free. Fran Miller of Face will be visiting the Duke of York and the John Snow this Friday, that is tomorrow, to take entries. If you want to race, and aren’t going to the pub tomorrow night, you can get in touch with Fran on 0207 261 1177, or email camillaseers@facepartnership.com.

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