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Former Cargo Bike World Champion in the New York Times
3.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

Unburdened by Gas Costs, Bike Couriers See a Chance, from the New York Times, spotted by Joe Hendry, of Messmedia.

New York City’s bike messengers remain a fixture on the streets, having weathered the advent of the fax machine and, of course, e-mail. Now, with the cost of gas pummeling courier companies that rely on motorized vehicles, a few enterprising cyclists are using the opportunity to generate more business.

A sign on Hodari Depalm’s delivery bike. His business has increased by 20 percent in the last year, he said. A small but growing number of pedal-powered messengers are outfitting their bicycles and, in some cases, tricycles, with boxes and flatbeds on which they can load hundreds of pounds of cargo.

“Eighty percent of the jobs done in a van I can do,” said Hodari Depalm, the owner of Checker Courier, a cargo messenger company in Manhattan that says it can move up to 200 pounds of documents by bike. Mr. Depalm said his two-man messenger business had increased by 20 percent within the last year.

This makes a nice change from the normal bicycle couriers are a dying breed story that we reviewed here last year. The rider mentioned is a former Cargo Bike World Champion and rides a Bilenky cargo bike, as well as the Long Haul shown in the picture accompanying the article. And you can take a look a Cyclehawk’s trike bike over here.

The BBC run a story a few months ago which focused on the effects of rising petrol costs on the transport business.

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