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Fixies go mainstream - Nike ad from Japan
12.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

The picture is from flickrfix. The caption is ‘no brakes, no problem’. And there’s the swoosh bottom right, just doing it.

So it’s official – fixies are edgy, hip and whatever other label that youth culture watchers want to hang on it. Fixies have therefore arrived in the cultural mainstream. I guess that the world-wide messenger community ought to stop for a second, and pat themselves on the back. There is absolutely no doubt that when we all came together in Berlin at the 1993 Cycle Messenger Championships, we as a group (yes, I still include myself) sowed the seeds of a global cycle counter-culture – which has now been co-opted by Nike to sell more units.

Anyone fancy a can of Kierin-Coca-Cola?

Thanks to glow on the London FGSS board for spotting it.

  1. glad I went back to gears!

    — chugger    13 April 2007, 17:18    #
  2. Considering nike dumped their cycling shoe program this is pretty funny

    — nonames just faces    15 April 2007, 10:04    #
  3. “WE MADE A NEW BIKE FOR NIKE…” Nike already has passed the point where they use fixies in advertising. They have got there own bike build here in London. look at www.wilsonbrothers.co.uk at page 6 on what happened.

    — fakenger/exdutchmessenger    22 April 2007, 13:04    #
  4. are the wilson brothers messengers?

    Their site made me want to puke.
    I’ve seen a lot of the bikes featured on their pages around the outer E post codes. They take ‘em on the silverlink from dalston to hackney wick too, coz it’s too far to ride innit. The sooner this fashion dies the better. people can just get back to riding a bike.
    You can’t even wear a cycling cap nowadays…
    Sorry, rant over.

    — chugger    10 May 2007, 12:18    #
  5. I know Ben Wilson he is a good guy so shut it. :)

    _targetbot    10 May 2007, 13:48    #
  6. firmly shut. :|

    — chugger    10 May 2007, 18:10    #
  7. I was kidding about the shutit part.

    _targetbot    11 May 2007, 16:30    #
  8. Hey I took that.

    — flickrfix    8 September 2007, 23:45    #
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