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Fixies are sooooo, like, over...!
13.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

a bright young thing on a little gold bike
Bicycle messengers all over London can sleep easier tonight. Moving Target is able to reveal that after extensive research (ok, we just hung around for a couple of afternoons) in London’s hippest quartier, oh-so-cool-and-trendy Shoreditch, the fixed wheel track bicycle has been superceded as the mount of choice of London’s fashionistas. It’s true, the sun has set on the fixie. Even as I write this, floppy haired media types are flogging their Pistas, Langsters and Dolans, and rushing up and down Brick Lane trying to find le noveau velo du jour.

And what is the prefered pedal of the youf? We can reveal that the IT bike is a shopper. A Moulton (but not a brompton) is good, but anything with 20” wheels and a basket will do.

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