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Fixie nonsense from Israel, hipster defined, Vanilla praised
28.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

An utter load of rubbish in Ha’aretz.

The fixie-riding trend began to develop in New York, Melbourne, London and Berlin, alongside the bike messengers. “It was an alternative thing for young guys, kids who’d run away from home, guys with piercings and tattoos, some of them on the brink of homelessness, with lots of drugs, alcohol and dark apartments on the outskirts of Brooklyn and Queens,” says Chernichovsky.

And there is more:

“There is an element of masochism to it,” Chernichovsky says of fixie riding, “and of asceticism and starkness. It is making do without comfort, with no brakes, not even the ability to coast. You are constantly connected to the asphalt and pedal without a break. There is no disconnect between the movement of the bike and the movement of the body. It’s painful, even. When we did 81 kilometers on a marathon ride around Lake Kinneret, our muscles really really ached.”

No, that’s because you are either riding the wrong gear, the wrong shape bike or are simply a weakling. 81km on a fixed-wheel is not a marathon. 2100 miles is.

There must be 3000 words-worth of this garbage. Read it here, if you can stand it. I can’t decide whether the information in it is so bad that I should laugh at it, or grind my teeth so hard the neighbours come round to complain about the noise.

For an extra helping of urban youth, check this report of a panel debating the definition of hipster.

Counterbalancing that crap, here’s a great story in Forbes Magazine about Vanilla, called ‘Heaven on Wheels’. American friends of mine have been raving about this guy’s frames for years.

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  1. Am sorry, i read about 80% of it out of curiosity with my morning coffee, and although i found it maybe a bit naive,simplistic,or even patronizing in places (but without the intention of doing so),overall i wouldn’t say its garbage.Rather the perspective of someone who doesn’t have to ride for a living every day of the week and consciously subject himself to the madness of riding in traffic a fixed without even a front brake.

    — Kostas    28 March 2009, 08:59    #
  2. Have been riding out with Brixton recently and saw Ross’s missus’ Vanilla in action last week – an elegant and very beautiful bicycle INDEED.

    — Dazzlenger    28 March 2009, 09:06    #
  3. As for the psychoanalysis and the motives behind riding a fixie , bottom line is that most of it is true whether you ppl like it or not.If that makes you feel ‘special’,‘abnormal’,‘dysfunctional’,or ‘superhuman’
    then this is for you and for you only.The words that comes to my mind when i see a fixie on the st ,specially by someone who only started couriering very recently is ‘amateurish exhibitionism’ .As he/she subject themselves in condition they are not familiar with as of yet sufficiently ,yet they undertake the greater challenge they can.Oh well fashion never makes sense i suppose.

    — Kostas    28 March 2009, 09:15    #
  4. Leaving the motives aside, it’s the inaccuracies – confusing hard-court with grass-court polo – grass-court has been around for at least 100 years, the crap in the 1st para that I quote that annoys me. The total lack of awareness that fixed drives pre-date free-wheel drives etc, etc.

    — Bill    28 March 2009, 09:25    #
  5. Its obvious that the author hasn’t got the necessary knowledge depth on the matter, but his article on the other hand is not meant to be a history lesson, rather a view at recent trend.For this i can overlook the inaccuracies but not forgive them at the same time.

    — Kostas    28 March 2009, 09:56    #
  6. Fixie riders are all smack addicts! I KNEW it!

    — Tom Anderson    28 March 2009, 12:43    #
  7. I only whack the smack to take the edge off the crack.

    — overdrive    29 March 2009, 10:40    #
  8. “thats sooo vanilla”…
    i’ve never ever heard anyone say that, ever, and i live in portland…

    NeRf    1 April 2009, 04:53    #
  9. I never said that crap !!
    Totaly miss translated
    Totaly minipulated text!!!
    agree with everything said above.
    Allot of media creats content from my doing
    In cycling- no control of what reporter x “quats me for” and reporter y translates it to….

    To bad !!

    Chernichovsky    28 October 2011, 18:56    #
  10. Dude, I’m sorry, but not surprised, that you were misquoted & misrepresented by the media. Better luck next time!

    — Bill    1 November 2011, 14:03    #
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