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Fixed Mag #3 launch Thursday 30th
29.04.09 by Buffalo Bill

It’s at that new shop in the Truman brewery. I haven’t been there yet, so this might be a good excuse. Or not.

Action movie with messenger as central character
Win a copy of Fixed book
Catch-up: HoP blames me for everything, Frankencat 30th October, Cyclodelic at White Nights, Fixed book
Austrian fakengers
The next big thing - fixies without handlebars
Latest news from Berlin - bring a brake!
God hates tyres - coming soon!
Fixie nonsense from Israel, hipster defined, Vanilla praised
Jack's back!

  1. yeah. not.

    — papa44    29 April 2009, 10:38    #
  2. can i get the big issue there?

    — overdrive    29 April 2009, 16:05    #
  3. courier scum….long live the aerospoke!!

    — 1# fakenger    29 April 2009, 21:03    #
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