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Fireflies Roller Race Weds 31st May - Results
3.06.06 by Buffalo Bill

Therese and Crissi head to head.  Pic: Ben Brown

Female Qualifying Ranking

  1. Crissi 24.64 (500 metres)
  2. Therese 26.29
  3. Tracy 27.00
  4. Harriet 27.15
  5. Sarah 28.83
  6. Mareka 28.99
  7. Lou 30.89
  8. Lena 31.73
  9. Rita 31.76
  10. Carolyn 33.72

Caspar accepts Jos' apologies for wearing the skin-suit.  Pic: Ben Brown

Male Qualifying Ranking

  1. Jos 21.91 (500 metres)
  2. Caspar 22.27
  3. Bolo 22.60
  4. Monkey 22.63
  5. Buffalo Bill 23.25
  6. Mikey 23.32
  7. Jack 23.44
  8. John 23.89
  9. Johnny 24.13
  10. Ben 24.13
  11. Scot Nelson 24.17
  12. Gertie 24.22
  13. Adi 24.27
  14. Paul Mac 24.37
  15. Oliver 24.89
  16. Chang 25.08
  17. Mark 25.53
  18. Llyr 25.68
  19. Graham 25.91
  20. Jono 26.12

DFL: Junior 26.97

the jury-rigged clock pic: Jono

Male Repechage Round
Gertie bt Junior (500 metres)
Adi bt Jono
Chang bt Mark
Scot Nelson bt Stevie Russell

Male Round 1
Jos bt Scot Nelson (500 metres)
Caspar bt Chang (!)
Bolo bt Oliver
Monkey bye
Buffalo Bill bt Adi
Mikey bt Gertie
Jack bt Ben (rideover)
Oliver bt Johnny (rideover)

Female Repechage Round 1
Sarah bt Carolyn (500 metres)

Female Repechage Round 2
Sarah bt Tracy (500 metres)
Mareka bt Harriet

Caspar beats Jack pic: Ben

Male Quarter Finals
Jos bt Scot Nelson (again!) (500 metres)
Caspar bt Jack
Bolo bt Mikey (rideover)
Buffalo Bill bt Monkey

Female Semi-finals
Crissi bt Mareka (500 metres)
Therese bt Sarah

Male Semi-finals
Jos bt Buffalo Bill (1000 metres)
Caspar bt Bolo
In the most dramatic and comic race of the evening, Caspar finally triumphed over Bolo after a 500 m false start (I forgot they were racing over 1000m, sorry!), a dead-heat over 1000m, a dead-heat over 250m and a 4th race over 250m)

Female Final
Therese Bjorn bt Crissima Pearce (1000 metres)
Therese’s victory was one of the most exciting races of the night. never more than 15m behind Crissi for the whole race, Therese somehow drew level in the last 100m and pipped Crissi with her last pedal strokes.

Male Final
Jos bt Kaspar von Metrokontrollar (1000 metres)

A somewhat trying afternoon for the Rollapaluza crew turned into an intimate and friendly evening’s roller racing. The highest ever female entry in a roller race that this author has ever seen made it a great evening’s racing. The novices’ evident delight at participating made the competition a pleasure to watch. If only the novice boys had been so committed to enjoying the joys of making yourself sick on a static bicycle with a crowd of drunks looking on.

Many thanks to Tracy for inviting us along.

Moving Flickr pics here

Props to: Therese for coming with Plan B, when me and Caspar were ready to give it up; Caspar for the usual efficient organisation; Jono for improvising a visual display for us; DJs Stevie R & Matt A.

Rollapaluza VI: October 28th, Pleasure Unit

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