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Female cyclist killed by lorry 16th September 2009
17.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the East London Advertiser

A lorry was in collision with a cyclist at the junction of Whitechapel Road and Vallance Road around 6.35am. The 26-year-old woman was taken to Royal London Hospital but was later pronounced dead.

I was speaking to one of the Met’s Collision Investigators a few weeks ago, and he said that there had been 9 cyclists killed in London so far in 2009, of which 7 had been killed by lorries. Therefore this would be the 8th cyclist to have been killed by a collision with a lorry in 2009, of which at least 6 were female.

In July, I suggested that 2009 would be the worst year for cyclist/lorry fatalities for some time. It seems that I am going to be proved right, which was not the object of the prediction at all. Most people reading this blog will be well aware of the hazards of lorries, so I wonder what else there is that I can do that I haven’t already done. I am heartily sick of tracking these stats, and would be delighted never to write or read about another death ever again.

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  1. www.londonfgss.com/t…

    — r.b.    17 September 2009, 17:50    #
  2. The family of the cyclist have set up an online petition to get Tower Hamlets Council to change the road layout. Petition is at:

    — Katie Burningham    23 September 2009, 08:25    #
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