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Faster Pussycat Kill Kill - results and report from Chandra
9.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

Sorry for a delayed Race report intermittent internet connections, but hey here goes…

So first off: a massive thank you. Thank you to all the lovely men, ahem I mean ladies, at the checkpoints who made such an awesome effort in dressing up and making each of their checkpoints fun. Also thanks to everyone that helped me figure this out and some of the great ideas I got off people. Thanks to all the girls that dressed up and raced you all looked amazing…it was so so hard to pick a winner. Thanks to Redrum for filming and putting together that video, that was so cool. And thanks to Wayne for helping me organise this and sort out all the prizes…oooh yeah and thanks to all the sponsers.
Ok so I think thats everyone thanked.

Joint winners Steff and Nhatt
In joint second place was Sarah Skull and Roxy
and joint third was Mary and Julia

Also worth mentioning was that I was pretty wasted when I worked out all the points and I think that Ali and Stoyanka had the same points or near enough to Mary and Julia so they deserve a mention too. Basically everyone did so great I can’t believe everyone went so totally for it with all the tasks set you guys really rocked.

Little Jon won Best Dressed Man, he really worked those patent white stilleto boots far better than any woman could have and Anna won Best Dressed Woman with her fetish leopard print all in one outfit. In fact all the costumes were amazing, but another mention should be made to the Menstrual Mistress Mary and Agata who came as Eve.

And finally Magda won the write a paragraph/poem in the style of Jane Austen task (I might even dig those poems out and type a few choice selections up here at some point).

For those that weren’t at the race the checkpoints were:

Ion Square, E2 where we had bra burning in celebration of those seventies feminists.

Bedford Square, WC1 where we had makeovers done on each of the girls that came through.

Broadwick Street, W1 Public Mens Toilets where we had the ‘pin the penis’ on the porn star game. (Many thanks Ryan and Janky for setting that one up and Ryan for cheerfully buying the gay porn, it might also be worth mentioning that when I discovered it was Gay pride and gave the guys the option of a quieter public toilets they happily opted to hang about in drag in the middle of gay pride with a giant penis game).

South Street, W1 where the girls got revenge by waxing Buffallo Bill, Overdrive and Xander – thank you so much for offering us your hairy bits.

Wyndham Place, W1 where we had down as many shots of Rum as you can handle and then ride Clarences Chopper bike ‘‘the beast”.

Henrietta St, WC2 the use your imagination to write a paragraph or poem in the style of a Jane Austen Novel

The girls could also pick up bonus points by bringing me items of men’s clothing at any point along the route, and I ended up with loads of horrible smelly socks and pants…so erm yeah well done.

Thanks for a fun evening, Chandra!

  1. Darling,to you my hairy bits will always be offered!

    — overdrive    9 July 2008, 09:35    #
  2. Damn Chandra I wish you hadn’t mentionned Ryan was the one who bought the gay porn… I thought I could have kept that one secret… oh well!

    — Julia    11 July 2008, 17:21    #
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