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Faster Pussycat Kill Kill - a hit
7.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

As we know now, there is nothing that the boys of the London messenger scene like better than dressing up as women. Saturday was just such an opportunity. There were at least as many female impersonators as there were female competitors, preening and pouting. 21 heroines entered the event, and the popular winners were Papillon and Nhatt.

House of Pistard took the preening much further than anyone else, and got a bikini line wax. Yes, much pouting after each strip lifted more and more of the westcoast muff.

More pictures of the MT/HOP checkpoint here.
Redrum’s own selection here.
And papillon’s scrapbook is here.
Agata’s pics here.
MT forumengers are chattering about it here.
Messenger of Doom’s report and pics of the weekend here.
Nhatt’s report of her ride below.
Fixed Gear London’s Flickr set.
Kasper’s Flickr set.

Full results from Chandra.

  1. The pics are funny man!Fun fun fun!
    It were a right laugh.

    — overdrive    7 July 2008, 11:42    #
  2. how do points races work then? if everyone goes to all the checkpoints then is it just a matter of who gets back first?

    — Iron Eye    7 July 2008, 17:16    #
  3. I didn’t follow the points thing very well, but Roxy moved up the rankings by obtaining various items of men’s clothing. And there was other stuff as well. Or something. Oh well, too much Buckfast.

    — Bill    7 July 2008, 22:46    #
  4. Ok! First check point was (for me) Ion sq E2. A load of us went into ion gardens first before we found where all the boys were hanging out in front of a bbq. We had to burn our bra’s for ten extra points, which I did (much to my chagrin-it was my only good one) and sped off to check point two, bedfford sq. After two trips around I finaly found both of the ladies, had my face “made up” by some delectible tranies and was on my way to the public toilets on broadwick st, W1. Oh my. I found some very drunk north americans, one of which was holding a bag of cut out penises at the bottom of the toilet’s stairs. Once I had grabbed a random penis, I was instructed to place it on the male porn star it belonged to on the huge board of porn stars. Once I had figured out that I was holding it at the wrong angle, I was only moments away from jumping on my bike and heading to wyndham place, w1, where I think I got my favorite question of the evening- “how many shots do you want?” Why oh why did I drink so much whiskey before the race? “three”. Then I had to ride a chopper in a slalom around three trees, ten points added per shot, ten point subtracted per foot down. Then on my own bike and off to see the cuties at south street. I would like to say at this point that I have never waxed any part of my own body before, making the waxing of overdrive’s back my first non-shaving hair removal experience. The less said about this the better, really.
    Last checkpoint was on henrietta st, wc2 and we were asked to write a paragraph in the style of jane austin, which was doubly hard after all those shots and all the adrenaline. Then a sprint back to the foundry, and bob’s your uncle, and increasingly drunken and naked night.

    I was really trashed by prize giving, but I think Mary and Julia split third, and I know Papillion and I split first, but the two that won in second have completely alluded my slight pickled brain. Anyone sober enough at that point to enlighten me?

    — ATTACK!!KILLLKILLATTACK!!    8 July 2008, 00:23    #
  5. Good report and well done girl!

    — overdrive    8 July 2008, 09:24    #
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