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EXCLUSIVE: get this shirt at the Donkey Derby, Friday night!
2.05.12 by Buffalo Bill

As avid readers of Moving Target will know, roller racing was reinvented by London’s bicycle courier community a number of years ago, upstairs at the Horseshoe pub, Clerkenwell. They even came with up with the name Rollapaluza. Since then, of course, Rollapaluza has become a lot more than just a bunch of messengers drinking & shouting at each other in a pub, accompanied by the whirring of some pair of fools’ wheels on a stage. However, it is traditional for Rollapaluza to return to the Horseshoe, its spiritual home, for a night of messenger mayhem every year or so.

Such a night is this Friday.

As well as being entertained by the spectacle of London’s fastest couriers spinning the pedals, you will also be able to purchase a brand new LCEF shirt, design above, as realised by Jay Moon. The lucky winners will take home prizes from bikefix & Two Wheels Good, and everyone will be delighted by the DJs, Sleepy & Lana Del Futuro.

All proceeds to the relaunched Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Racers £5, spectators donation.

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Buy this cap & donate to the London Courier Emergency Fund

  1. lost and found. Found 1 gillet,contact me to get it back. Lost one wallet with bike key attached contact April if you found it. Love to all, Gertie.

    — gertie    5 May 2012, 00:40    #
  2. dam sounds messy but good

    — curly    10 May 2012, 01:04    #
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